Tuesday, August 17

Possible diagnosis

It just got too painful...I woke up this morning with an intense pain running through my left leg. The swelling has not decreased one bit! I got into the Doc around 11 am...he diagnosed me with a possible tear in my middle calf muscle. His concern was the swelling. They took X-Rays...which was fun (the little boy in me thinks casts are cool). There wasn't any bone damage...no cast. The Doc told me to go home, elevate my leg and ice it down for the rest of of the day. If the swelling is at the same level tomorrow morning, I'm supposed to call in and possibly meet with a surgeon. This does not excite me. I was also told that physical therapy is invevitable. For those of you who know, p.t. is not the most enjoyable experience one can have in life.

That's the leg update.

Tonight, we had our weekly Launch Team meeting. We discussed possible "Engaging Activities" that our church can be a part of. The question, "What can we do that no other church is doing?" was posed for us to ponder. Lots of good discussion...we're forming ideas of how we can introduce someone to the church. Christ is a perfect example...he was a wedding planner...a story teller...a chef...what would he do today? What can we do to engage God's people in everday, real life? Fun question, isn't it?


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