Friday, June 25

"Husbandry" - the fine art of placing a smile on your wife's face.

When a wife has been away from her home for a week, her husband must engage a significant decision before she returns: Will the home look/smell/feel the same or worse upon her arrival? It's obvious that I can't provide the nose-pleasing aromas that women seem to have at the moment of birth, but I do believe I can make a valiant attempt.

Husbandry...that's what I practiced last "cleaning house" time is much more exciting than Katy's. With Platoon playing at full volume ( was close to distortion), steaks on the grill, is the important part...laundry in the washer...I began my work so that Katy would return with a smile. Yes, that is husbandry. Once Katy returns, there won't be any dirty laundry and the entire house has been vacuumed. I even made the bed this morning! I'm sorry lady's, every man can't be like me, but I'm proud to be an example :)

I'm gonna start working right now that my pride can come back down to a normal level.

I going to KC today to get Katy and Hayden! She'll probably start contributing to the blog which will present "the other side" of the story.

Going to a KC Royals game on Saturday evening with Katy...first date night we've had awhile.


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