Tuesday, June 22

I'm lost

Katy is visiting her parents in a small town about 2 hours away from our home in Manhattan. So far...it's not good. Dinner will be my true test this evening as I've already laid out a menu: steak...ummm...lemonade...and, uh...a sweet potato cooked in the microwave. Tomorrow's menu: steak...lemonade...and the second sweet potato. Are you seeing a pattern?

I go to pick Katy up in Kansas City on Friday. I'm counting the days.

Good news in the Kinnan household: David is getting ordained! On July 26th, David M. Kinnan will become Rev. D.M. Kinnan. Wow, the power of God's grace and measureless mercy goes beyond my comprehension...and I'm glad for that fact because if I understood it I don't think I would appreciate it as much. Does that make sense? It does to me.

Okay...I need to work and go home. I'm meeting with Eric Norris tonight...he's the lead pastor of the the church plant where I'll be assistant pastor. Exciting times!

Until something new happens,

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DK said...

I miss you, too, my Davey! Have a great week and know that Hayden and I are thinking about you and loving you so much! We'll see you on Friday!

I know there's more to eat in the house than steak! :)

Yours Forever,