Wednesday, June 23

a refreshing experience

I met with the first members of the launch team for our church plant. The nine of us sat on a picnic bench in the middle of a park just sharing out hearts. We each shared a 5 minute version of our personal testimonies which was good for me to hear.

Lesson #946: No person, other than Christ, has ever journeyed life perfectly. Listening to the personal testimonies of others will unlatch your heart's lock so you can receive this truth.

(On occassion, I will share life lessons. The number is strictly for sarcasm's sake.)

Our Lead Pastor, Eric Norris, guided us through the vision, mission and core values of the church. It's exciting to experience other people's excitment. If you ever go through a day and wonder if passionate people with a lead pastor who is in the beginning stages of a church plant. It's a lot of fun.

Back to reality...I miss Katy and Hayden soooooo much! I just talked with her, and let's just say there was an abnormal amount of "baby talk".

Dad called me about an hour ago...he had heard comments from his people regarding my message I preached at his church a couple of weeks ago. Reports are saying that God moved that day. How exciting is that! I enjoy being used by God...especially when speaking His truths through a message.

I'm hooking up with my accountability partner tomorrow for lunch, and the afternoon is set apart for time with my "Little Brother" whom I have been matched with since February. We come from completely different backgrounds and cultures...he's really stretching me.

That's all I have to say right now.


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