Wednesday, June 14

On Sunday after church (where David preached an incredibly spirit-filled and enlightening message ... we'll have to try to get it online for you to hear!) we went out to eat with some of the young adults ... although we got home late, we made time for the all-important nightly bedtime story!

On Tuesday uncle Kurt came to visit! We have had a great time, and had a little party on Tuesday evening as we hosted a barbeque with him and the Neely's! Hayden was very, very excited about the corn!

We're excited because Friday uncle Pete and Papa and Grandma Kerby will be coming down because Pete will be enrolling for Fall classes at KSU! Go Wildcats!

I've been spending Hayden's naptimes working on little "projects," from scrapbooking to today's special one ... a FREE end table with funny paint that I sanded, painted, and put in its new place before our little guy woke up from his nap! I'm a woman on a mission to get stuff done, and it's been so much fun! I'll show pics soon!

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Holly said...

Haydn's little finger pointing to the book just breaks my heart. What a little doll!