Friday, June 23

The God of Healing!

On Thursday, June 22nd, we had a monumental day ... one that I will never forget. The sun was shining, we spent all morning at the park ... it started much like any other day ... until our doctor's appointment at 1:50pm. Let me explain ...

Hayden has some minor speech delays. Wanting to do all that we could to ensure we give him every opportunity, David and I consulted a speech pathologist in the Infant-Toddler program this past winter. After some meetings, they suggested we go to an ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat Doctor) for a hearing test to see if his ears may be a part of the speech troubles. In April we took him for his first visit, and although he passed the hearing screening in both ears, the right ear had fluid it in and the doctor prescribed antibiotics. We met for the second visit in May and the fluid was still there, which concerned the doctor because the antibiotics didn't work. We discussed options, and the doctor said that tubes would be necessary.

On this, our third visit, we were to plan the details of the unavoidable procedure to put tubes in our little guy's ears. We'd been praying that the God's will would be done ... we've got medical bills that have seemed to pile up lately (mostly mine), and our humanness was at times getting the best of us as we were feeling a bit overwhelmed by the thought of yet another medical bill. So ... Hayden and I went in (David was at work) and sat in the coolest waiting room ever - so conducive for kids ... before we knew it we were in a room with the doctor and nurse. He quickly went over what needed to be decided about the procedure, but first said that he'd check Hayden's ears just one more time. He stepped back and looked at the chart ... looked at me ... and said that the fluid was ALL GONE ... he looked in Hayden's ear again and seemed dumbfounded. I was overwhelmed with excitement and praise, and when he said that this was one in a million, I explained that we had many praying, and God blessed us with that! We Praise the Lord and thank Him for the opportunity to experience a true testimony of healing!

That was long ... sorry! We're just so excited!

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Jodi said...

WOW - that is AWESOME!!! I can't help but wonder how long that doctor and nurse will be thinking on that... :)