Wednesday, March 2

A lesson learned…

I’m young, inexperienced and over-zealous…but I’m learning a lot. Here’s a peek as to what my mind and heart have grabbed a hold of in the past year or so:

Make yourself accountable
- To effectively advance a relationship, whether it be with God, your spouse or a co-worker, you must keep mind of your thoughts and actions. How easy is it for all of us to claim a relationship, yet even minor investment is sometimes absent. Does the relationship really exist if I don’t do anything? I have learned that an occasional audit of my actions and thoughts has helped me keep inventory of what I’m actually doing to further my relationships rather than merely stocking my shelves with news ones.

Flattery gets infected
- Flattery, not about appearance, but more about ideas, actions and thoughts…I’ve battled this temptation as long as I can remember. It made me feel good to flatter the thoughts, actions and ideas of others even when I didn’t think they were appropriate or necessary. Some entitle this as “people pleasing”. What have I learned? When you flatter, eventually you are forced to deal with circumstances that have derailed from the initial vision and focus. Essentially, my comments have become infected and extra attention is now necessary which then detracts me from the issues at hand. Truth at the beginning, though sometimes painful, will decrease the possibility of infection and further ailment. No, I don’t tell people their ideas are stupid, nor do I criticize my friends who try to help, but I’ve learned that “people pleasing” can lead to unfulfillment and bitterness.

Disorganized private world = Disillusionment
- Gordon MacDonald labels it as “Ordering Your Private World”. Whatever name you like, your world that nobody sees needs to be organized. I’ve learned to invest in 5 major categories: Motivation, Spiritual Strength, Time Management, Intellectual Development, and Restoration. Read Gordon’s book to get a proper grasp on the 5 categories. The point is "If my private world is in order, it will be because, having faced up to what drives me, I listen quietly for the call of Christ."

Live according to your means
- I want a HDTV projector with a 6’ x 8’ screen that lowers from the ceiling. I want a complete 6.1 surround sound system and cushy leather couch to enjoy while indulging in this entertainment. However…Hahaha…you expected the however, didn’t you? However, our financial income doesn’t support those dreams right now (notice the right now…I have yet to release this dream). I have learned how to operate under two principles: 1.) Give God your first fruits and 2.) manage your income in a Christ-like manner. A bill has never gone unpaid…we’ve never been “without”. You have to own the truth that God knows what we need more than we we HAVE to trust Him.

Let “LIFE” react to you
- Life will unfold because God designed it that way. Great things happen…Horrible things happen…the critical variable in this equation is our reaction. I’ve learned to praise God before the blessings are visible and I’ve learned to seek God’s provision before the pantry is empty. He is so faithful. Live life to it's attention to the changing of the seasons...listen to!

I've got a ton with me.


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