Monday, March 21

Seriously...It's not funny

Quit joking around guys...are you serious? Do we get a "re-do"?

I'm depressed...I know, most of you are disgusted at my emotional attachment to University of Kansas Jayhawks...but nevertheless, it still exists. After going 20-1, we blow up and completely disentigrate into a 3rd grade girls team. I'm nauseated. I'm angry.

As a fan, I say "WAIT TILL NEXT YEAR!". As a realist, I have to understand that we're graduating (at least that's one positive) 4 of our being a candidate for the most prestigious player award in college basketball: the Naismith Award.

This is unbelievable! I've received several calls...most have been polite. Not only do I sit and sulk in our defeat, the tourney moves on. I fight bitterness.

Now it's time to regroup...refocus. We are bringing in the top recruiting class in all of college basketball next year. A glimmer of hope still exists! Unlike programs such as UNC, Kentucky and Arizona...we don't have a "rebuilding years" (I'm giving myself a pep-talk). So, I tip my 40 to the lasting memories created by Keith, Aaron, Wayne and Mike...may their dynasty rest in peace.

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