Monday, March 21

Last Saturday the 12th we headed to Topeka for the day so David could check out some softball gear for the upcoming season. We had a great day of family time!

Hayden especially liked trying on the softball "hats" and carried this one the entire time we were in the store.

We went to Burger King for lunch and for the first time Hayden used one of America's most treasured condiments ... KETCHUP! He loved it and insisted on dipping his chicken tenders in ... eating only the ketchup ... and dipping some more!

Miss Gwen was off on Friday so I stayed home with Hayden and we had a fun day of playing basketball and soccer outside, going for walks, and eating lunch with daddy!

Hayden got the camera and showed us what a good photographer he is! This was the only one with him in it ... most of the pictures were of the floor ... we're keeping them, of course, but I'll just show you this one! :)

Saturday our good friends Ben and Kerianne came over and we grilled chicken and had a great cook-out, then watched "The Incredibles!" It was a great movie and was the first time Hayden actually watched tv for more than a few seconds! He only got to watch a little of it, though, because it was bedtime, but was enamored with what he did see! It was great to see "Uncle" Ben and Kerianne again ... it's been a long time since we've got to spend time with them!

Sunday was a great day of rest and family time ... and our evening service went really well! We've opened a nursery for the many "babies" that are under 1 and not as mobile (or loud) as the toddlers we have! Robin served in the baby nursery and we had two little ones in with her! The Lord has really blessed our church with many babies ... 5 under the age of 1 and so through this new room He is truly providing for a great need! The toddlers learned about Jesus' entry into Jerusalem and made palm leaves on paper plates and painted suncatchers! So cute!

During this "Passion" week, we pray that you experience the fullness and life-changing love and power of our Lord and Savior ... that if He is not a part of your life you will recognize and own His love for you and invite Him into your heart ... and if He is a part of your life that you feel His presence like never before and that you share Him with everyone you encounter!


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