Saturday, February 26

Spring has Sprung?

The weather has been absolutely beautiful, and before daddy left to go to the driving range with Ben yesterday afternoon we all got to hang out and play in the backyard. Hayden is becoming quite the little soccer player, and he and David kicked the ball back and forth while I planned out the "landscaping" for the upcoming Spring ...

We're becoming quite the "routine" kind of family, and Hayden is quickly becoming a stickler for it. Every evening after bathtime Hayden brushes his teeth ... then he gets to run around for a little bit before changing into his p.j.'s ... after that it's a story, a prayer, and off to bed. It's the most precious thing in the world when we set him in his crib, say good-night, and watch him wave and then lay his little head down ... he's so beautiful and such a blessing!

We're enjoying our little guy so much and are learning lots of "toddlerisms," as he moves into his 18th month with lots of energy and an independent spirit! Time-out has been a wonderful thing for us and is helping to curb the bouts of hitting. There are several other couples with toddlers at the church and God has really blessed us as they've shared their own wisdom and lessons they've learned. We are excited because we know that God has something incredible planned for our Hayden!

This morning Hayden and I are off to mom and dad Kerby's while David spends the weekend at the bowling alley ... Big Brothers Big Sisters has their final Bowl For Kids' Sake in the area ... the end of an exhausting but exciting fundraising season! :)

We Love You!

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