Sunday, February 6

We're Back!

This week has definitely been a full one and got off to an amazing start with the official launch of our church! Sunday was a great time of fellowship and God blessed our service in countless ways ... we have over 200 people for the worship service ... Hayden and I were in the nursery, and we had a number of new little faces and had a great time learning about Jonah! David said the service couldn't have been better, and we praise God for His perfection, His refreshing encouragement, and His presence at Real Life Church! We are so thankful for the opportunity to be a part of such a special ministry ... God is teaching us so many things during this time and we have been richly blessed by the relationships we are building with our family at Real Life Church!

Last night we went out as a family to Valentino's, an Italian restaraunt in Manhattan! This was especially exciting because it was the very first time the our little guy got to sit with daddy and mommy in the booth ... in a booster seat! He definitely favors the booster seat over the high chair and ate without any disastorous event (like throwing his plate over his head ... not that it's ever happened ... more than once, anyway)!

This is a face that Hayden makes all of the time ... it's hilarious because it looks like one of those faces you make when you're pressing your face up against a window ... HAHA!

Ok ... so I said that there were no "incidents" like throwing the plate over his head, but Hayden, as always, provided some entertainment.

No, we don't feed Hayden every second of the day, but for some reason most of our pictures lately have been of him eating something. This picture is significant because Hayden has graduated from the little bits and pieces of bread/turkey/cheese to a full-blown sandwich (half a sandwich) and he seems to like the idea of the sandwich much better than the pieces of food all over his high-chair tray ... what can I say, I was a little "over-concerned" about him eating too much at once, but I'm getting better!

This evening we had a SuperBowl party at Real Life Church! During halftime we had our worship service, and there were plenty of games, other movies to watch and WAY TOO MUCH food to eat for those who aren't so interested in football. The rest of us (myself and all the other ladies) just talked the entire time! :) Best-Buddies Hayden and Ben chomped on some Cheezits and sat in the bleachers for about 30 seconds, then kept themselves on the move, running from one side of the gym to the next, then around the halls of the school. We had a great time and are thankful for another great evening of fellowship and meeting all of the new and wonderful people that the Lord is calling to Real Life Church!

Tomorrow is an Inservice day, and I get the entire day off! Hayden and I are going to run errands, deliver cookies to some RLC visitors, and visit daddy at his office! The KU/KSU game is here in Manhattan this Wednesday, and Pastor Eric invited David to go ... how awesome is that!? David is thrilled and I'm sure he'll provide a full report on Thursday! For those of you interested in economics, I'm planning a unit on supply, demand, and prices & decision making ... fun, fun!

The Lord is my strength and my song.
Exodus 15:2

Have a Great Week!

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