Saturday, February 12


We've had a busy week! David is at the Junction City Big Brother Big Sisters annual fundraiser, Bowl For Kids' Sake and he's working hard and doing a great job! Hayden and I visited him this afternoon and everything was going smoothly and everyone was having a blast! We Praise the Lord for the strength he's given us ... especially David because being in charge of such an enormous fundraiser is a huge undertaking, and David never ceases to amaze me! He's a great administrator! He'll be home this evening and we'll get to have some family time ... maybe a movie! The Bowl For Kids' Sake "season" isn't over yet, though ... the one for Manhattan will be at the end of the moth.

I take over all of the Economics classes on Tuesday and am soooooo excited! I'm a planner, so I have been preparing for the upcoming chapters and actually learning a lot about Economics that I'd forgotten ... or never learned! HaHa!

Hayden continues to be an independent little guy who learns something new every day! "Boo" has been his favorite word, and he will play "Peek-A-Boo" with anyone who is willing! He's been doing so many new things ... when we read books he'll point to words and just babble ... he's reading something but I don't know what! He LOVES cheese and grapes, and could eat them all day long! He pulls his shirt up and points to his tummy ... we say "TUMMY" and tickle him and he giggles and giggles ... and then does it again! Like we've said, Hayden is very strong-willed and doesn't always listen when you say "NO," even when it's obvious he not only knows what NO means, but also that he heard us say it ... he usually flashes us a grin and does whatever we told him not to. This means the dreaded "TIME OUT!" Scary, huh? For Hayden it's about as as it gets since he's such a mobile little guy! It's actually working really well, and we're hoping that Hayden starts remembering that when we say no, it means no ... or else he'll have to take a seat! Please pray that God continues to give us wisdom and strength as we parent ... that He will guide us to be all that Hayden needs to grow up into the man of God that he was created to be.

It has been raining all day, so Hayden and I are enjoying all the toys we've not played with for the last few afternoons because of the warm sunny weather ... I think it'll be awhile before we have another taste of spring. Crazy Kansas weather!

Ear Infection Update! After many weeks, the ear infection(s) are slowly going away ... we've had several doctor's appointments in the last few weeks and it looks like we won't have to go back for awhile! Yipee!

Tomorrow at church we're having a banquet for RLC members and those who have visited and may be interested in joining. How exciting! During the service we're taking time for each of the ministry team leaders to share a little bit about their ministry ... I'm so excited and thankful for the opportunity to share and hear about what God is doing at Real Life Church ... we pray that God will continue to open hearts to Real Life Church ...

We Love You!

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