Wednesday, April 27


Katy is searching for a job...she's graduating with a Secondary-Education (History) degree and minor in Leadership. Right now...not a lot of history positions are making themselves known. She delivered her resume' to the Greek Affairs office yesterday at KSU...they have an Assistant Director of Greek Affairs position open.

A friend of mine distributed my resume' throughout our fine nation a few weeks ago. She knew that my heart desires a full-time ministry position. I've had calls...nothing that I felt God leading me to pursue. Here's something scary: the only thought that seems fulfilling about my next step...senior/lead pastoring. Oh my...I know that freaks me out.

We'll keep you posted. I know that we don't want to leave, but our desire to honor God trumps our desire of location. Katy keeps saying "Hawaii" in her sleep. I'm built like a surfer, right?

I wonder what lies ahead in our journey...

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