Wednesday, May 4


Softball season is officially underway. We played in the exhibition tourney this past Wednesday which determines which one of the two divisions we play in.

The bad:
1. We lost our first and only 2 games of the tourney.
2. We gave both games away in one of the last innings.

The good:
1. We won't be playing in the "I should be in the Big Leagues" Division.
2. We have excellent offense...we scored 17 in the first, 22 in the second.
3. I've reached 10% of my homerun goal: 1 in the first game.
4. I didn't get fact, nobody did.
5. We bonded really quickly...15 guys are playing! That's great for a first year!

So, we have this Monday off...the regular season begins on May 9th. Our camera broke, pics of Monday...sorry.

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