Thursday, May 12

The Perfect Day

Picture this ... it's early on a Sunday morning ... the baby is taken care of ... breakfast is being made ... the dog is in the backyard so you don't have to wake up having your face licked ... and ... the house is spotless because while you were at a Women's Brunch at church your husband cleaned the entire house ... the entire house!

Yes, I know, it's may not sound glamorous to some, but for me, it was the most beautiful, wonderful morning I could have ever had!

David, being the thoughtful husband that he is (seriously ... he should write a book on how to be the perfect man!), got Hayden from bed at 7am sharp when our little guy wakes up ... made him breakfast ... let the dog out ... made coffee ... and let me sleep in! My dream come true! As I finally began to wake up, David let Haydie open the door to our bedroom (something that I'm sure he was having to stop him from doing until that moment ... Hayden loves to open and close doors) and come in to greet me!

After some hang-out time with my guys cuddling and watching Sesame Street, we went into the kitchen ... David made me a cup of coffee just the way I like it and presented me with some gifts. I got my favorite breakfast (Cheerio's) and read through my new NIV Life Application Bible ... genuine navy leather with "Pure Grace" inscribed on the front cover (Kathryn means "pure" and my middle name is Grace) ... which was actually my graduation gift but my other mother's day present (a great black shirt-dress) hadn't come in the mail yet ... anyway ... I read through my Bible and slathered on some of my new lotion that they had gotten for me. Yummy!

This is yet another wonderful blessing that I have been given, that I thank the Lord for many times each and every day ... because I know that nothing but God's love and grace could have made me so fortunate to have someone who loves and listens and cares for me as much as my Davey. For as long as we've been married I've always used his study Bible because mine didn't have the details and insights for study that his had. Without me even asking (although I probably casually hinted a time or two) he remembered and chose to give me something that means so much ... especially because it is from him.

And the lotions ... many different "flavors" and even some bubble bath ... something that I've been secretly hoping for since we were married ... that's the best way any woman can relax ... bubble bath is like a long massage ... an afternoon on a hammock in the breeze ... it is peaceful and wonderful ... and Davey knew that it would help me to relax and take a moment for myself (which I always find difficult to do for some reason), and I am so thankful that he noticed and did what he could do to give me that time ... I'm telling you ... he's amazing and I'm SO BLESSED!

I just finished a book entitled "Naked Fruit," and it's about the Fruits of the Spirit ... not just about what they are, but how we as followers of Christ can live them in our lives ... not by DOING them, meaning not simply being patient, gentle, peaceful, loving on the outside in our actions, but by BEING them ... by living as Christ lived and reflecting His nature in our lives. It's amazing ... and I would highly recommend it to anyone and everyone! The founder and CEO of the MOPS organization (Mothers of Preschoolers), Elisa Morgan wrote it ... but it's not just for moms ... or women, for that matter!

Here's some of the introductory chapter:

"It's not our job to produce these qualities in our lives or in the lives of those around us. That's God's job ... fruit production. The fruit of the Spirit grows when we let him live these qualities in us and through us as we are growing in a relationship with him ... Naked fruit is honest. It's not 24/7 availability to impossible expectations, but, drawing from a relationship with God, naked fruit does try - openly and sincerely. Fruit is the result of growth. The fruits of the Spirit are those God-like qualities that make us look like him. They are his nature exhibited in our personalities."

I read the entire book the other day when I was a substitute teacher at JCHS (the school I just finished my student teaching at ... only now I'm actually getting paid!) ... and am here again today and am going to read the entire book over again! It's THAT good!

In the first chapter it talks about how God intentend nature to reveal his being ... plants/roots/fruits are used over and over again in the scriptures to use simple and clear things to speak of complex or serious, or important things (Jeremiah 17-8). God has used this metaphor of fruit and that's how he intended nature to reveal his being ... and that's how he wants us to represent him as well ... naked fruit ... simple, pure, and truthful!

I pray that as you go through today that you will be touched by the Lord ... that you will experience His love and all that He wants to fill you up with so that you can share Him with others. I pray that you may find love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. That you may be filled so full that you have nothing left to do but share those beautiful blessings with everyone you come into contact with!

Be Filled!

Graduation Countdown = 2 Days

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