Monday, May 16

What a Weekend!

As many of you know, I graduated from Kansas State University this weekend with a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education and History/Political Science ... an exciting time for us no doubt, but in the midst of all the celebrating there were some other exciting events ... and a lesson in sharing ... and even a lesson of what's important in life.

We love each other ...

but we may disagree at times ...

and refuse to give in ...

but in the end ... life is good and love is stronger ... and it's more fun to toast our sippy cups to a good day of eating dirt and chasing the puppy around in the backyard.

Heather and Jeff took these pictures and they couldn't be better! Ailee and Hayden have begun to learn about a magical word we call "sharing," and it'll be fun to see how these two very independent cousins learn about it ... as you can see from the pictures, Hayden has a little way to go! :)

Since our digital camera pooped out on us, we had to take pictures the "old fashioned" way, but they should be developed tomorrow and we'll put the cd on the computer and show pictures of graduation!

I would love to thank each and every person who came on Saturday ... or wrote a note ... or called ... or emailed ... Saturday marked a huge accomplishment for David, Hayden and I ... two years ago our family made a commitment to several things and put them before the Lord ... and my graduating was one of those. The Lord, in his amazing grace and impeccable timing, allowed this event that I thought we'd never see take place ... and I praise Him and thank Him for giving our family, His humble servants, such an enormous privilege. Now we'll see what He has in store for us concerning a job! :) All in His time ... His place ... His way!

We Love You!

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