Monday, April 4

Bike Helmets?

Here's my question: Why do people wear a helmet when riding a bike? Come on! When growing up, the "bike helmet" wearing people were those who owned a motorcycle. You can't tell me that because of advances in science, we are now aware of the dangers of not wearing a helmet. Did we not know what would happen 15 years ago if a child crashed on their bike and hit their head? NO...we knew they'd bust themselves up...but no helmets were required. So, now I see 8 years old boys wearing helmets that are so big they practically make the kid fall off the bike, not to mention the the knee and elbow pads and protective gloves! Are they going to war? I just don't get it. A helmet and body gear to ride your bike around the neighborhood? I can only imagine the names I would've been called if when "my boys" came over on their bikes, and I come walking out in my robo-gear. That's why we have so many kids on drugs...their tramatized by the bubbles their parents protect them with.

When Hayden falls of his bike, he's gonna scrape up his knees and elbows because he won't be required to wear a pad for every joint on his body. Will he Will he enjoy his "bike riding experience" much better...yes! In reality, he'll probably be able to respond better to a crash because his movement won't be restricted by what will then be a full-body bike riding suit.

By the way...have you seen those West Coast Chopper bicycles for kids...where were those when I was growing up? My "gang" would've been so much "cooler".

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