Monday, January 3

Back to the Real World ...

This morning marked the end of our two-week "break" ... we had a great time sleeping in and staying up late, but when the alarms sounded at 6 a.m., it was time to get back to reality. (that reminds me of a song from like, the '80's or '90's) ... anyway, since I had to attend an informal student teacher orientation at KSU, I got to be home to get Hayden ready to go to Miss Gwen's, and fix David and I our breakfast shakes. (mmmmm ... diets ... yummy).

Since the rest of the semester I'll be gone by 630, I relished this morning and took a minute for a picture with our little guy (yeah, he's holding one of David's X-box games because he's obsessed with basketballs, and there's one on the cover of the game ... haha).

David was not excited at all. The weather outside was cold and rainy, and the thought of not being home with us ... and just being away all day was not very pleasing to him.

But, realizing that we'd see each other again this afternoon, and the thought of basketball this evening and stroganoff for supper helped him change his mind. The day would be great after all. I have no idea what I'm writing ... bare with me, please! :)

We hope that your 2005 has been wonderful! We had a quite weekend since Hayden was recovering from his cold ... but enjoyed some time at the Neely's on Saturday when we went over to watch the KU vs. Georgia Tech game ... it was awesome, but I'll let David tell you more about it!

God Bless You!

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