Wednesday, December 29

Peace and Quiet

This week has brought such a beautiful change to our lives ... we have the entire week off! Not knowing what to do with ourselves, we decided to start a few projects. I organized the hall closets and did laundry. David built shelves in our closets and made our old hamper into a new kitchen "cart." Hayden played with his new toys and chased Abby all around the house. Lots of stuff, huh? The problem is ... that was only Monday! What in the world to do with ourselves for the rest of the week!?

Tuesday we toned down our grand expectations for the week and enjoyed some rest and relaxation. The evening brought our weekly Launch Team meeting, which was super exciting because we are planning for our first "preview service" on Sunday. I had a Children's Ministry training right before the team meeting, and it went well ... I'm so excited about the willing and loving workers that God has brought to Real Life Church. They are such servants and so excited to work and live and love and see outside of themselves for the greater good. They amaze me and I thank God for them!

This morning David, Pastor Eric, and Daniel, a Real Life Church launch team member headed to Kansas City to pick up free chairs, desks, filing cabinets, etc. from BreakPointe, the church papa Tom pastors at. When I called David at noon to see how the day was going, he told me they were still at BreakPointe ... there was so many things they were willing to give to RLC it was taking much longer than planned to load the truck! What a BLESSING FROM GOD! He called again at 4pm to tell me they were on their way to Hutchinson to the Wesleyan church there for more goodies. GOD IS SO GOOD! Hayden and I rested a lot today since our little guy is fighting a cold. The nights have been pretty sleepless for him since he's coughing so much, so by morning we're both exhausted. We did, however, take advantage of the beautiful weather (it's 60 degrees) and went for a long walk this afternoon.

So, only two more week-days of vacation and the hustle and bustle starts again ... but I think this week has and will continue to remind us of the importance of slowing down to enjoy life without going so fast that it passes us by before we know it. This week has already been a great time for us to spend as a family ... to get more quiet time with God ... and to realize how necessary it is to continue these important lessons even when we are at our busiest ... the world will not slow down for us ... but we can choose how we will spend each moment of every day ... for us, it is finding our comfort and rest in Him, and living each day to our fullest, whether in cozy pj's or our fancy suits, and knowing that He is in control. What a goal to reach for, huh?

Check out my new home for the next semester, Junction City High School, where I'll be teaching 11th Grade American History and 12th Grade Economics in Mr. Prickett's room! Here's the address!

Blessings to You!

Those who live in the shelter of the Most High will find rest in the shadow of the Almighty. Psalm 91:1

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