Thursday, December 9

What a Week!

It's been seven days since we last blogged, and what a week it was! I'm going to make it easy and give a day-by-day account of all the fun we've had!

Last Wednesday
After the stitches fiasco, David and I went to work and school, and Hayden went to Ms. Gwen's! At 5 when I got out of my History Seminar, we brought Hayden to the Zvonick's while we went with Pastor Eric and Robin to Abeliene for the Pastor's Dinner. It was at the Brookville Hotel ... where home-cooked fried chicken and mashed potatoes and gravy are the specialty. What a wonderful evening! David and I have been aching for a "date night," and this was one indeed, full of fellowship and meeting new people, and just sharing time with men and women of God! It was a special time! We got some long overdue time with Pastor Eric and Robin in the car ride ... planting a church is a busy and exciting opportunity, but such a busy one that we don't get a lot of social time, so the evening was a huge blessing in so many ways!

On the way home, we stopped by the Real Life Church Facility Director's office to see the new sound system that just came from New York! Robin and I laughed at our husband, who looked like little boys peeking into a toy store!

David and I were excited to get back to our little guy, who was exhausted after an evening of play-time with his best pal Alli! We all slept very well that night!

Last Thursday
Thursday evening we had our RLC Women's Bible Study at the Neely's, and after a week of battling colds in the Kinnan house, I was thankful to finally meet the newest addition to the Neely family ... KYRA DAWN! She came on the day before Thanksgiving, and we hadn't met her yet! Mark babysat the little one while Becky, Tami, Becky Botter, Catie Butcher, and I had some great fellowship and prayer time! These Thursday evenings of study and fellowship have meant the world to me, and God truly blesses our time together! It's truly a refreshment for me!

Last Friday
Friday evening David, Hayden, and I brought dinner to Mark and Becky! We made orange-honey glazed ham, scalloped potatoes, and salad ... and had a fun time eating and spending time with them ... but most of all, holding little Kyra! She's absolutely adorable, with strawberry blonde hair and a beautiful complextion! Aaahhhh .... babies! Hayden wasn't as excited about Kyra as he was the Neely's golden retriever, Corie ... he spent the evening chasing her around!

David spent the day at Real Life Church's new offices that are right by the school we're currently meeting in. He and other RLC men and ladies spent the day painting, building, and cleaning. Hayden and I stayed home all day ... I was working on my LONG LONG LONG research paper for my history seminar that was actually due yesterday. Entitled "The History of the Histories of the Sacking of Lawrence, 1863," it was definitely a doozie!

Saturday evening my brother Pete and his pal Casey came to visit and delievered fire wood! What a great brother! Pete's a junior in high school ... but back off, ladies! Big sister (me) has instructed him NOT to date until he's in college (at least)! HaHa! They didn't stay long ... mainly because the 2-hour drive back home, but it was nice to see them! Hayden always warms up to Uncle Pete very quickly ... as Pete was walking to the door to leave Hayden ran after him and wrapped his arms around Pete's legs so he wouldn't go ... aaaahhhh! As you can tell from the picture, Abby really warms up to new people ... or not! Casey managed to ward her off from biting too hard! :)

Saturday I also got my letter stating my Student Teaching Assignment, which means that it's official! I will be heading to Junction City High School from January 3 to May 6! I will be in Mr. Prickett's room teaching Economics, American History, and Current Events! I am so excited and thankful for the opportunity ... but I'm also pretty anxious! The good news is that several of my fellow social studies education classmates will be there too, which means carpooling! Yeah! Please visit the website ... they're a great district and a wonderful school and I want you to see where I'll be during my final semester of college! (FINALLY)!

This Week
So, Sunday was definitely not the most exciting day for me. I was sick ALL DAY! I'm not sure what's going on in our home, but we're probably making the stock of KLEENEX, NYQUIL, and LYSOL go through the roof! Anyway, it was a pretty laid back day, and we got some time to just relax and recoup from a busy week!

David and Hayden went to the worship service and were happy to come home with news that there were several new visitors! Praise the Lord!

Monday David brought Hayden to the doctor to remove the stitch while I went on a field trip with my Social Studies Methods class. We traveled all over the surrounding counties with a great tour guide and visitied many places involved in the Underground Railroad in this area. Mr. Pitts, from Wonder Workshop gave us the tour. It was a long and cold exursion, but lots of fun and very insightful!

David got to unwind a bit with basketball on Monday evening, which is great for him, because working a job and a half (that's really more work than two or three jobs), he deserves some down time! What an amazing and hardworking man he is! I am so thankful for him!

Tuesday our launch team meeting was focused on the various ministry teams, so it was a great time to gather and start planning curriculum and schedules for the upcoming months!

Yesterday was my last official day of classes at K-State ... on campus, anyway! Although I won't graduate until May, I will be in the classroom at Junction City next semester! It was bittersweet ... and I am thankful for my experiences and interactions there! Hayden had his second of two flu shots ... since this was his first time getting the flu vaccine, he had to get two doses. We have all been sick since he got the first dose, so we weren't excited that he was having to get another one, but it's over! Afterwards we went out to the RLC offices where David and a few other men from the church were painting and building. David set up the entire sound system last Saturday, but checked and re-checked it (he's so talented!), then started painting HIS office! :)

And now to today. David is at work, Hayden and Abby are taking naps. I'm going to work on a take-home final and do some cleaning that I've been neglecting the past few weeks due to my history paper that I was drowning in!

David is excited to have the opportunity to preach this Sunday, and I can't wait for him to share what he will be sharing! It's an important message, and David has really opened himself up to the Lord's guidance as he discusses "Expecting the Unexpected."

We Love You!

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