Sunday, December 12

A Sunday with Liz!

This morning Grandma and Grandpa Kerby, Uncle Pete, and Cousin Liz came for a visit! It was so exciting to see how much Liz has grown! Grandma brought lasagna for lunch (yummy) and we had a great day! Uncle Pete even changed the oil in my car ... what a great brother I have! :)

For Christmas, Hayden is getting a RADIO FLYER wagon ... he doesn't like his stroller at all anymore, so we decided to get our big boy a big boy toy. He and Liz had a ball being pulled up and down the street by Uncle Pete.

Hayden and Liz were jabbering back and forth in their own toddler language. Who knows what they were saying, but it's fun to pretend. "This is where I wait for daddy to come home. And there's the neighbors big dog. That's the big tree that makes the leaves." "What's that smell? Do you need something changed?"

We spent a lot of time with the toys! Liz played quietly while Hayden continued his favorite pastime of taking his toy bins off their shelves and giggling as mommy puts them back on. HaHaHa.

More pics to come!

Yesterday was the RLC Prayer Retreat and Kelly's Graduation/Graduation Reception! I'll write more about those when I've got more time. David preaches this evening! Yeah!!!!!!

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