Wednesday, December 1

BooBoos and Stitches

Yesterday Hayden has his routine check-up with Dr. Rose. It's so exciting because we get to find out how he's growing with all these cool percentages and averages... 50% is what is considered the average for his age. At 23# 6oz. he is in the 40% range, and at 32" he is in the 75% range. Basically what that means is that he is tall and slender ... he's under the average of boys his age in weight and way above it in height. Anyway, we weren't supposed to see the doc again until February ... but instead, we got to go visit nice Dr. Rose again this morning!

David was sick yesterday with flu symptoms and so he was going to stay in this morning and relax and go in this afternoon, so I was getting ready for school in our bedroom and Hayden and Abby were in there playing. Somehow Hayden fell into one of our dresser drawers and hit his forehead ... aaaahhhh! Soon after it happened and I cleaned him off he acted fine and wanted to get off my lap and start playing again, but it looked pretty bad. I was hoping it looked much worse than it actually was ... but we didn't take any chances and brought him in to the doctor.

Hayden was such a brave little guy! I'm sure he had a headache already, but of course he was in for all kinds of pushing and prodding around. First the nurse cleaned it, then the doctor came in and looked at it and cleaned it some more. We had to hold a numbing medicine on it forever (which he REALLY didn't like), and then the ultimate evil for a 15 month old little boy ... the "strapper." I actually don't know what it's called ... but Hayden was strapped in and the doctor stitched him up ... just one ... whew. Hayden cried and cried, but was actually very calm considering all that was going on around him. I think David and I were taking it worse than he did and we're so so so so proud of him!

So, Hayden is now sleeping like a precious little angel and we're thanking God for the strength He gave us ... and for our little boy who is the most wonderful blessing. Although we know this is one of many, many, many bumps and bruises (if he's anything like his daddy, that is), I'm thankful to know that as parents we have the most perfect example of a father and He will provide us with unexplainable wisdom and strength. God has blessed us and we can't think of any better calling in lives than the parents of Hayden Thomas Kinnan ... our little bumper car! :)

Have a Beautiful Day!

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