Tuesday, November 8


The word "redemption" is usually used in the context of speaking towards the grace we receive through Jesus Christ...however...I'm speaking of an entirely different subject: COLLEGE BASKETBALL. Actually, to be more specific, I'm speaking of the the Kansas University Jayhawks. Some say this is a "rebuilding" year for their men's basketball team...the polls aren't giving us any respect. Last year's season ended when evil won. However, as I titled this post, redemption will make itself known in a mighty way.

I have lived in the so-called "Basketball State" of Indiana, however no University in this entire universe can compete with the Jayhawks when it comes to Men's Basketball. Our tradition is richer...our enthusiasm is unmatched...our recruiting is considered the best in the nation. Seriously, our first coach invented the game...what? Some of you are UK fans...IU fans...MSU fans...and sadly enough, I bet there is one or two UNC fans (just the thought makes me sick). I feel sorry for each one of your hearts because you'll never experience the satisfying and fulfilling pride of living life as a devoted fan best NCAA basektball program to be created! Being a part of the most dominant conference in the nation will certainly bring about it's challenges. Teams like UNC, who reside in a weak conference, can never strive to duplicate a positive season because their program cannot retain players...there always something "better" in their minds. When at KU, you are saturated in basketball perfection so there is no reason to rush to a successful NBA career...it will come at it's own time.

Argue whatever you wish...history says you're wrong.


*Yes, I know I'm too emotionally involved.

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Anonymous said...

I am so sorry that your coach left you to come to a school where he could win a championship! Tradition...KU...ha! You have no idea what tradition is until you come to UNC...the tarheel blue skies...the Championships...1924, 1957, 1982, 1993 and oh yeah...2005!!!! NCAA tournament 28 out of the last 30 years!!! 2nd most wind in NCAA basketball history...Naismith invented the game and Dean Smith perfected it!

Weak conference...you gotta be kidding me...Baylor...Colorado...Missouri...Texas A&M etc...look at that stellar lineup!!!

Try playing Duke twice a year ...Maryland...Wake Forest...NC State...Georgia Tech...need I say more...(Three of those teams are champs in the last 5 years...and one of the others made it to the final game...

Carolina will win another championship within the next 8 years...mark my words...that is what we do in UNC!


Roy's boys