Tuesday, June 24

Here She Is!

Yesterday we welcomed our second little blessing ... Ellie Grace was born at 2:58pm (SD time) and is doing spectacular!

Hayden is in love, and cannot wait to teach his "baby sissy" all about cars and trucks and other important things in life! :-)

Ellie is still getting used to daylight and has enjoyed her normal schedule of being awake at night ... we're working on that! She's very quiet and easy going, only "squacking" (literally) when she wants something, sleeping most of the day. We are all doing well and will get to head home this afternoon!

We'll keep you updated!
David, Katy, Hayden, and Ellie


In the Mix said...

Yay! Congratulations!!! She looks precious.

Ra'Chel Seever said...

Congratulations :) What a precious family you have!