Monday, March 31

It's a sweet, sweet day.

Some folks have hobbies...sewing...hiking...scrap booking...picking their nose...

Me...I have a few hobbies, but very few recreational activities bring me joy like that of watching my Kansas Jayhawks fight their way to the Final Four. I know...many of you wonder what I'm talking about...that's because you follow teams like Michigan, Ohio State, and Kansas State. You see, the Final Four is the the best event in all of sits just above The Masters and College Football BCS Bowls. It would classically be defined as the "pinnacle" of all sports.

This Saturday brings about a match-up that all KU fans have anxiously awaited. It proposes to be a time of sports redemption when our former coach (Roy Williams...of whom I named my dog after and then that dog, fittingly, ran away) and Roy's former team...the Kansas Jayhawks, engage in a basketball battle. Please do not be mistaken...this is not a game between UNC and's is simply a battle between two former family members who were forced to part ways.

Saturday is a big day...Monday will be even watching and ready for KU to Rock, Chalk up another National Championship! Go KU!

(I appologize for you those of you who are not sports-enthusiasts...just know, I'm having a good time.)


Adam, Mimi, Rylee Jean and Rusty said...

It wasn't pretty last night, but a win none the less. We will all be decked out in our KU gear!! I have even got Rylee saying Rock Chalk Jayhawk Go KU!! But it did not impress her Michigan State Spartan daddy very much :)

David & Katy said...

One day, Adam will see the light. Keep encouraging him to follow the right path :)