Saturday, April 15

RLC Carnival!

At the beginning of the month, Real Life Church hosted an outreach event ... a carnival! It was an incredible day of fun with face-painting, games, dunk-the-pastors, and balloon animals and followed by dinner and an evening praise and worship concert led by our very own Lance Stafford ... oh ... and a pie in David's face (I'll explain later)!

The day was an absolute praise! Beautiful weather ... new faces ... and a priceless picture of what the "church" is to be ... people sharing their excitement for and love of God with others and reaching out to the community! It was awesome!
Hayden's Dream World!
There were so many "toddler" things to do that Hayden literally did not stop moving from the time we got there ... first was the tunnel!

The slide was the next item on Hayden's very long "to-do" list. David followed to provide support, but Hayden quickly left him in the dust ... he is so independent! Scary! (for mommy, anyway)!

After watching Mommy get her face painted to excite him about it (to no avail), and getting a new puppy balloon animal, he was ready for his most favorite dish, a hot dog and chips! No mac and cheese, but it didn't seem to bother this little guy!

Fun for David, too!
So ... to raise money for mission/outreach, their ministry team decided it'd be fun to have a little friendly competition between Pastors Eric and David. There wonderful pics were pasted onto tin cans, and people were asked to donate money for the pastor they'd like to see with a pie in his face. :) It was a tight race, but eventually after some last minute contributions (like, as they were standing up there!), David was the winner of a pie in the face! Ha! Much to Pastor Eric's surprise, however, he was not left out! What fun, and a blessing ... there were some very generous donations to the mission/outreach ministry! Yeah, God!

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