Thursday, February 12

as days go by

Hayden and Ellie have both been growing so fast! They certainly are the happiest when they are together!

A favorite thing to do is to play in Ellie's room ... and stack these wooden boxes. Hayden likes to help "sister" stack them, but she likes to have them knocked down so she can chew on them. Do you see the sad face she's giving as Hayden is trying to be a helper by fixing them?

Hayden and Daddy went to the Rapid City Stock Show/Rodeo the other day, and Hayden has decided that he wants to combine all of his very favorite things, and be a Cowboy Preacher that drives a race car. He was practicing the other day with a water gun complete with a pen and flashlight on the end ... because cowboy's are like police men and they have to help people with flashlights ... you know ... when the lights go out.

Sunday afternoons are officially "veg" times. Reading the paper is a very popular event. Our little guy has a bald spot because while fixing his hair for school one day (he insists on doing this), he thought that he should just cut off the pieces of hair that were not going where they should.

We've been pretty crafty lately ... lots of "school" time at home, because he's been obsessed with homework. This nightlight was a fun painting activity, and is the brightest night light on the planet.

Ellie's personality continues to just blossom, and these are some very common expressions that randomly appear. It's so much fun, and big brother is constantly trying to figure out what she's thinking!


Dustin and Kayla said...

I wish we didn't live so far away:( love the pics!

Jenn Boerger said...

Great seeing you this weekend - Olivia just loved playing with Ellie for a little bit in the nursery. You've done such a great job organizing around there and keeping everything going!