Tuesday, May 5


We're still here ... we're loving life and keeping busy, and thought we'd give you a brief update ...

1. David GRADUATED from Indiana Wesleyan University with his Master's Degree on April 25th!

2. Hayden is loving soccer and about to start baseball ... and learning that his toys are becoming Ellie's toys ... we're helping him to set boundaries ... either putting "non-Ellie" toys away, or closing our bedroom doors and keeping them in there. Ha!

3. Ellie is obsessed with "talking" on the phone ... and pushing the buttons. I am very certain that her first word will be "HELLO!"

4. I turned in my final paper for my last Master's class last Saturday, and am happy to report that I only have one year of practicums before I am free!

WE have been so blessed in ministry, and have been keeping busy and enjoying every moment; from Clergy on the Catwalk to raise money for a local charity to visiting the Badlands (below) to evenings at the golf course with friends, life is good and God is GREAT!

We are so thankful to be here!

Ellie's favorite "look."

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Jodi said...

Congratulations to David!!

Looks like we should get Judah and Ellie on the phone together... that would keep them occupied for hours! :)