Thursday, May 28

yay for sunshine!

on a saturday morning ...

no ... she's not drinking coffee ... yet. just practicing! :-D

we woke up very early last saturday, which is kind of silly because it was one of the first "lazy days" we've had in nearly a year ... it was such a fun morning of relaxing! hayden is definitely a morning person!
sweet ellie gets herself caught between this plant and the couch, and though my mommy instincts want to immediately rescue her, it's been very helpful for me to see her think through getting herself out. i'm a work in progress.

storybook island

ellie made it very clear that the stroller was her favorite place ... she was absolutely unwilling to even go down the slide with mommy. it's my fault ... i'm kind of a wimp, too.

hayden was very excited to ride in the train ... and saw that there was a new caboose and begged to ride in it, but was turned down, so he jumped into a red little train car. right before the train pulled out, three kiddos came to ride, and wanted to be in the little cars, so hayden offered to give up his seat for one of them ... the "conductor" was very impressed, and let hayden ride in the "best seat" afterall. hayden told me later ... "it's so fun to do the right thing!" i'm hoping that lasts. ;-D

hayden called it the coolest thing in the world!

we went on the yellow brick road. hayden hasn't seen the movie and didn't get it, but i convinced him that the nice girl in the blue dress was from kansas, and that the guys around her weren't strange ... i don't think he believed me.

noah's ark ... we spent some time looking for noah (hayden didn't understand why he'd be in the boat, because animals smell so bad!)! haha!
rrrrrr ...

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Kayla said...

Ellie looks so much older and I just saw her! Her hair is getting long!!