Saturday, October 22

Guitars, Birthdays and Ancient Egyptians

Busy Week
This busy week is over, and although exhausted, we're hanging in there! I had my very first experience with parent-teacher conferences, and I can say with assurance that 12-hour days are no fun ... especially when you go from teaching all day with students to spending the evening with students AND their parents. I have never been on my feet so much, nor have I ever before been so tired of talking! :) It really was an incredible experience, and I am so thankful that the Lord gave me the strength to get through it! We have some really incredible students and parents, and so it was quite a joy to get to brag on my students! David had a full week, too ... the traditional "basketball Monday's" started and he came home exhausted but excited about this new season of hoops! He had a softball game on Tuesday evening but they had to forfeit because they didn't have enough guys (usually there are too many!), and spent the Wednesday making my birthday a very beautiful, special one, but I'll get to that later!

Our Little Guy

Hayden has had a busy week, too! He spent some time jamming on his guitar and wowing us with his musical skills! ... and helping daddy get ready for bed! His other favorite thing to do is not so much our favorite thing - Hayden has become adamant about having a diaper that is PERFECTLY CLEAN! If there is any hint of it being wet or dirty, he immediately goes to his room, takes the diaper, and everything else off. He throws the diaper away and puts his clothes in the hamper, then goes to the bath tub and calls for us to start the water. It's not just the "tabbed" diapers, mind you ... it's the pull-ups, too ... so we're guessing that he's become a little obsessive compulsive about being clean (following in mommy and daddy's footsteps!), or he's ready to start the potty training process. We'll see! No matter what though, he's been such a trooper this week as we've had some crazy schedules with school ... through the two years of church meetings and gatherings, and just because of his nature, he has been very flexible and easygoing, which has been a huge blessing in and of itself. He goes with the flow, and I have a lot to learn from him! :)

Happy 24th
David went above and beyond to make my birthday a special day in the midst of a very busy week. He'd already given me my first gift over the weekend; a sterling silver ring from James Avery called the "four seasons ring." It has such a beautiful design and has been on my "wish list" since we've been married. I always thought it was a very tangible expression of God's grace and perfection ... a symbol of the many seasons of life that we go through, with the promise of His love and guidance. It's so beautiful! On Tuesday night he gave me the second gift, a DVD of one of my favorite John Wayne movies (yes, I LOVE John Wayne), "McClintock!" It's wonderful! On Wednesday morning I went to the car and sitting on the console was the Natalie Grant cd that I'd been literally begging for since the Women of Faith conference I went to in June where she performed. What a wonderful way to start the day - each and every song on the cd is just beautiful and so refreshing! Since I would was at school late Tuesday night and would be on Thursday, too for conferences, we ordered in and relaxed for a wonderful evening at home! I couldn't ask for anything more, and am thankful, as always, for the blessing of such a considerate and thoughtful husband!

Food Fair

We have been studying Ancient Egypt in our 6th grade Social Studies class, and after discussing the geography and culture of Egypt, we indulged ourselves with a "food fair!" Parents were extremely willing to donate to our cause, and we had a great day of feasting with grapes, pita bread, honey, cucumbers, and pomegranates.

We took notes on the Egyptian Achievements, and so made our own "hieroglyphic alphabet" and then wrote our names using it! It was great fun! This coming week we'll be making life-sized mummies before taking our test!


Hummel Family said...

I think Hayden is ready for the potty too!!! His story is so funny. Wow, he may be a step ahead of Caislyn! Yeah for him!

Happy 24th. Sounds like your hubby made it special. Keep listening to that Natalie Grant CD! The songs are amazing...its my favorite right now.


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