Sunday, October 9

Now that Hayden has a "big boy bed," we thought it time to start making the rest of the room a reflection of his growing stages ... the first addition ... a new cubby shelf to help lessen the mess on the changing table so that it can be the next thing that goes!

Isn't he such a stud!? It was easy buying the shelf, but not so easy (for me) to put it in, but I'm thankful that David knows what to do!

Hayden wanted to help too, and put some of his birthday toys (thanks Aunt Terri and Uncle Jim!) to use and got right to work!

Ta-Da! Here is the new shelf ... we've added some jackets and a backpack that hang from the little pegs, and it's been so nice to have the room on its way to being changing-table free! Now if we could only find a reasonably priced dresser to completely replace it!

The last few weeks have been absolute madness! We've been working (David and Katy), fighting off colds and allergic reactions to bug bites (Hayden), preaching an incredible message on "Fellowship" as part of the 40 Days of Purpose for Real Life Church (David), being a part of a good friend's wedding and having an awesome weekend of girl time (Katy), being saddened over KU's loss to KSU last Saturday (David), learning many new words and exciting ways to change your voice to say them (Hayden), and now anxiously awaiting the event of the year - LATE NIGHT WITH BILL SELF at Allen Fieldhouse this Friday(David, Katy, and Hayden)!

We Love You!

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Joe & Randi said...

hello David. My name is Joe and I am a youth pastor in Indiana.(94 grad of IWU) Wondering if you could tell me the program you use to allow the pictures to scroll at the top?