Thursday, September 29

It's Pumpkin Time!

Yesterday afternoon we went on our annual family shopping trip to get our little pumpkin family! We went to the Eastside Market, which has the BEST pumpkins, and the BEST fresh fruits and veggies! We had lots of fun, and it's so much fun to see Hayden get excited about it ... the first year he was just 2 months old, so didn't really know what was going on, and last year he wasn't too interested. This year, though, he was all about finding the "perfect" pumpkin!

I told him to SMILE - this is his photo-op face; he only does it when we are taking pictures and ask him to smile - priceless! He's so sweet ... and was definitely happy because after searching through many, many pumpkins, he'd found the one he wanted!

He'd also found a squash that he thought he needed, so daddy helped him carry his pumpkin!

Hayden and mommy went in to the store to get some fresh fruits and veggies!


Josh and Cammie Delph said...

How much fun! We just took our pumpkins off the vine - a total of a perfect dozen! We plan to decorate our front porch. Looks like you guys had a great time!

Kim and Joel said...

What a fun tradition! Looks like you ALL had a great time. I loved getting pumpkins when I was a kid. We haven't gotten ours yet, but I think you have inspired us to go!