Sunday, September 18

(Belated) Birthday Party!

Last weekend we had a familygathering to celebrate Hayden's 2nd Birthday! Where is the most favorite for the Kerby's and Kinnan's get together? A KU game, of course! We met in the middle between Manhattan and Kansas City for an evening picnic and football game in Lawrence! We had Hayden's favorite foods ( including birthday cupcakes), but he was definitely too busy watching football to spend much time eating!

Hayden has so much fun with all of his grandparents, but lately, it's been the "Papa's" that he has really been wanting to cling to - maybe because they'll wrestle and talk sports with him ... maybe because they don't cringe in pain when he wants to box ... who knows ... we're just enjoying him, and thankful for these bonds that are being built!

Hayden and Grandpa Kerby

Hayden and Grandpa Kinnan

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