Sunday, September 18

I Am A Yard Sale Queen!

As many of you know, I have never had the pleasure of perusing through a big garage sale ... it's not that I've never wanted to, but for some reason the opportunity has never come up. That all changed this weekend! David, Hayden, Chasity (a friend from David's work), and I went to Ft. Riley for the Post-Wide Yard Sales ... it was almost life changing, I've got to tell you!

We were ooohing and aaahing at all of the amazing things, but usually disappointed when we realized that it was either too big to fit into the car (should've brought Chasity's Explorer!) or someone had already bought it!

We managed to get away without too much monetary damage - we found a little desk for Hayden that we got at about 1/4 the price and after working to cram it into the trunk and a little clean up job, it's like it has always been here! :) David is probably already regretting his introducing me to this new and wonderful world of shopping!

Hayden got right to work at his little desk ... coloring, painting, just hanging out! He'll probably set up a little laptop and phone, get a secretary to have the whole "office" feel ... nevermind!

This is one of his many works of art! Crayola has this "Color Wonder" line that only paints/colors on certain paper ... color wonder is WONDERFUL! Notice the lines made from his Matchbox car tires! So creative!


Kim and Joel said...

You're a girl after my own heart. Growing up in Indiana I think it is a requirement that they start us young at yard sales. It looks like you got some great stuff! Good job and welcome to the wonderful world of yard sales!

Kelsi said...

thanks for the chat last night dk. i just needed someone to spill my recent hurts out to cause i've bottled them up for too long. you are just the right person to talk to and listen to me. you rock and i appreciate your friendship! :) LOVE YOU TOOOOOOOO KATY!