Thursday, September 8

Family Night

This evening we had an early FAMILY NIGHT (they're usually on Friday's) because we're planning on being in KC/Lawrence this weekend. We went to Old Chicago's, which is a new pizza place that just graced Manhattan with its presence. Since it's so new and is therefore so popular (I have a feeling it will ALWAYS be popular, though), there was a wait-time, so we spent some time walking through the mall, and playing in the fountain just outside of the restaraunt.

Hayden chose his usual chicken strips and fries, but decided that mommy's was more what his tummy was wanting ... linguine! Food and fun all on the same plate ... could he ask for anything more? Hayden has such a remarkable way of making everything fun! We're enjoying each and every moment with our little guy, and are just in awe of how perfectly God designs us ... Hayden is such a special blessing and our precious little guy!


Hummel Family said...

Too cute! I love the picture! Did you post any Birthday pictures? Sorry this is late, but Happy Birthday! Caislyn turns two (oh wow!) TODAY ( I didn't realize how late it is here...its after midnight!)


Josh and Cammie Delph said...

He is such a cute little guy! Don't they always want what mommy and daddy are eating rather than what they have?! How funny. And by the way... what are the chances that you have friends with the last name Delp? That is wierd.

Kim and Joel said...

It's the Delp's again. I wondered if you would mind if we stole your scrolling stuff from your blog. I think I finally figured out how to do it. Do you guys mind? I don't want to copy because I know we have most of the same peeps we blog with. Just let me know, it's totally ok if that's not ok with you. Have a good one.