Monday, September 5

Labor Day Fun!

We went to a barbeque this afternoon at the Butcher's house ... it was a "toddler party" with all of the other families with toddlers from church there! Can you imagine a backyard full of two and three year olds!? It was a blast!

They had an inflatable castle that Hayden loved! He jumped and jumped and jumped some more! He toned it down a bit though, so the girls (like Josie) wouldn't get scared - or trampled!

The water slide was definitely the major attraction ... it took Hayden awhile to decide whether or not he'd want to join in on the slippery fun.

He eventually led a cautious foot forward ... and played on it for the rest of the evening! We had to pull him away from it so we could go home!

We hope you had a great day! Sorry for the short post ... we're exhausted!


Kim and Joel said...

Hey David!
This is the Kim that you know from Eastbrook- and no I never hated you, past tense or present. You have a beautiful family. Your blog is really cool and I am trying to figure out how to get ours up and running. I'll let you know when I figure it out. Happy labor Day!

Kelsi said...

HELP! i got the links to show up on my blog but they wont connect when you click on them...what am i doing wrong...could you send me an example to show me what one should look like? thanks!