Thursday, September 1


Although Hayden has heard the world "timeout" rather frequently, I'm actually speaking of a "timeout" from work. August was perhaps the most fulfilling month of my life while also being one of the most emotionally exhausting times in the recent years.

I completed a 4-week message series entitled "IGNITE". I stole the "concept" from Ed Young after comming across some time different titles a message series of his...the concept intrigued me. I have no clue what his series was about, but his titles were great. SO...for four weeks I disected four different Bible stories found in the Old Testament. Each story exposed different life principles that, when applied, would generate authentic faith development...basically...strenthening our faith roots. The title "Ignite" comes from the fact that each of the four stories had something to do w/ fire: Elijah on Mt. Carmel...Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego & the Fiery Furnace...Lot, Abraham & Sodom and Gomorrah...and Moses & the Burning Bush. (If any of you can teach/tell me how to post the messages, I'd be happy to do so.)

You of the greatest fears I've had when staring the "Lead Pastor" future step has been a fear of preaching every week. I enjoy speaking, however the week-after-week thing intimidated me. After this series, that fear has vanished. I am impassioned more than ever to communicate. I sensed a great response from our wonderful was so fulfilling to teach foundational Bible stories.

Our wonderful, perfect little boy turned the adventurous age of 2 on Friday, August 26th. We spent the entire morning together at my office as Hayden explored every possible corner of the building. At noon, it was time for lunch so I knew exactly where to go: Burger King to grab some chicken fries! Hayden loves chicken tenders, so I thought this new idea from BK might be fun...Hayden proved me right...he ate'em all up (they look like fried worms).

Here are some pics of Hayden receiving his gift from Mommy and Daddy. I could hardly get the thing put together before he hopped on. "Beep Beep" is the official name of this pimp-mobile. With the price of gas, I'm sure this'll be his college transportation.

Katy received the official "Kinnan Kick-Butt" Award for her teaching abilities. Two of her students have already been suspended indefinitely and one thought it was funny to act as though he was shooting Mrs. Kinnan with a pretend M-16 (I'm not smiling right now).

Just the other day, she made 6 different trips to the counselor's office because of "student issues" ... mostly middle school girls picking on each other. She seems to be one of the teachers that the students really seem to want to go to for help with their problems. One of the administrators even noted after one of the "meetings" that she should think about school counseling, because she did such a great job!

Teaching is my wife's passion...disciplining is not. However, because of her great skill in leading a classroom, the students are grasping the concept of who is BOSS and who is not.

Why would you ever peddle when you can hire a peddler? That's MY boy!

Recently, I've been thinking of how incredible life actually is for our family. I am not going to bed this evening wondering where our meals will come from in the morning. I am not worried about our home floating away or storms destroying all that we own. The burden of anger or bitterness does not keep me from loving myself or other people. I can call my parents-in-law...anyone in my family and receive love unconditionally. God has blessed me and my family. I pray that He does the same for you and yours.

Believing our world can be changed by your faith in God,

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