Friday, August 26

Is it obvious?

Our world is spinning a lot quicker than a month ago. Sorry for the lack of posts, but August has been jammed packed!

Today is Hayden's 2nd B-day, so we are putting everything on "pause" as we celebrate our perfect little boy's special day! Present from Mommy & Daddy: old school Radio Flyer Tricycle. It's pretty pimped out with chrome and tassles coming off the handles. He and I may work on it this weekend...probably gonna throw in a couple 10's and definitely slap on on some spinning DUB's to drop the jaws. I wonder what the Flyer would like w/a sparkly royal blue pearl paint finish?

We'll update you on life on Monday...

Finishing up the "Ignite" series this weekend,


Kelsi said...

hEy! i was wondering what was going on with you guys...guess i've "walked two moons in your moccasin"s so to speak with me not posting...LOL!!! ;) so yeah..I miss talking to you guys...looking forward to the last sermon in the series (they are really challenging's pretty much wrapping up what God has been trying to tell me all summer but it didn't ever click until now.)...oh and HAPPY B-DAY HAYDEN!!! love you bud! well you guys have a wooooonderful friday and i will see you saturday night at the concert or sunday! love:Kelsi

Bri said...

just wanted to say hi... and where in the IM have you been? i miss talking... hug the bday boy for me.

Kelsi said...

uh oh it looks like you've been around me toooo much dk either that or somehow we switched places cause now i'm blogging but you're not! haha! i know you have a lot going on so i won't give you guys to hard of a time :) hope you guys have a fabulous rest of the week and weekend! see you sunday!