Sunday, August 7

Back to Reality

Summer is nearly over. Can you believe it? It just started! It's still hot! How can school be starting already? Man.

Where's Hayden?

There he is! Hayden has become obsessed with playing hide and seek ... but he only likes it when he gets to hide!

He manages to find the silliest and most unlikely places to hide. It's funny though, because Grandma Kinnan tried to get him to play hide and seek with Ailee, but he didn't like it because he thought he was in "time-out" when he was the one hiding! Ha! It's hilarious when we find him because he just squeals with delight and runs to hide somewhere else! We've put locks up high on all of our doors now, too ... Hayden is very smart, and very tall, and had figured out how to unlock all of the locks on each of the doors, so at least we're certain he can't go outside to hide! Oh the joys we have and lessons we have learned with a toddler!

Milk and Cereal, Cereal and Milk
Another fun part of being nearly two is in addition to playing hide-and-seek, you get to eat cereal! His favorite is Cheerios, but this morning it was Fruity Pebbles. Oh, and no more little boy high-chair! Hayden now has his own big-boy seat at the table ... and he loves it! He is very insistant about helping to say the prayer before we eat, and often feels the need to pray over and over again throughout the meal! He's so much fun!

These flowers were a great surprise to us ... we saw them for the first time yesterday morning throughout the back yard ... mainly where we'd mulched, so they look even better!

Last Week
The past week has been extremely eventful but fun! Sunday thru Wednesday of last week was the Kansas District of the Wesleyan Praise Gathering in Salina. There were worship services each night with a speaker ... but Sunday was the Ordination Service (where David was ordained last year) and on Monday was the awards night where Tom (Dad) got Pastor of the Year! On Wednesday David and Tom participated in the golf tournament with Pastor Eric and Lance ... and did extremely well!

Wednesday marked a special day for me, too ... it was the very first day of my very first job! It was our first day of orientation for USD# 475 ... all new teachers were to report to their schools, so I was at Junction City Middle School with the administration and 14 other new teachers! The remainder of the week included meeting district administrators and city leaders, as well as learning more about the district and its policies. We were pampered with food and gifts, and I am so thankful for the incredible blessing of working in a district that is so caring, so committed, and so progressive!

My going to work also means that our little guy will be going to spend the week days with Becky, Mark (when he's off, of course) and Kyra! He has loved his time over there and has a hard time leaving all of the cool toys - and baby Kyra - and their Golden Retriever, Kory! We are so thankful to have our best friends taking care of our little guy ... what a relief and encouragement it is to know that he is being cared for by people we love and trust so much!

David's sermon series "IGNITE" begins this evening ... he has put together a sermon set that is, to me, the best I've heard. I can't wait for him to share the wisdom and thoughts that the Lord has filled him with ... and for you to see them, too! He'll blog some of his thoughts down soon!

We Love You!

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Josh and Cammie Delph said...

He is such a cutie! I'll be praying for you as your start your new job (yay!) and the changes that will bring.