Friday, July 29

Vacation, Part V

We had our traditional stop at the Noblesville STARBUCKS on the way out of Indiana ... what a great way to start any morning!

Hayden was a real trooper on the drive home ... I think all the fun he had with Gigi, Grandma, and his Big-Papa's made the trip much more fun!

When we got back to Olathe, Hayden showed us a great talent of his ... he loves to play on Papa Kinnan's piano and sing into the microphone ... he did this for hours ... a future musician?

We enjoyed every second of our trip to Indiana and back and are so thankful that Hayden has the privilege of knowing all of his great-grandparents ... they are an invaluable source of strength and heritage and David and I are proud that he will know that he is loved by many extraordinary grandparents who have passed down such incredible incredible gifts and traditions ... we are truly blessed!

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