Tuesday, July 12

Time Flies When You're Having Fun!

Family Camp
Last Friday afternoon we packed up the car and headed for Living Water Ranch, which is just about 20 minutes north of Manhattan. Real Life Church held its inaugural family camp!

As soon as we got there we took Hayden's temperature because he was so warm ... he definitely had a high fever and lost his lunch soon after ... for the first time in two years (too much information, I know!). So ... David stayed to hang out and help unload while Hayden and I went to our "cabin" (really a fabulous air-conditioned little condo) and got settled. The first thing he did was look for some food!

After a very restful evening, Hayden woke up feeling better, and was back to his running-all-over-the-place self. We were very happy about that! After spending some focused time in the Word during a prayer labyrinth, we decided it was time for some swimming before lunch! Hayden wasn't really interested in going in, but eventually he did and had a great time!

David showed us his skills as he jumped off the diving board ... what a stud!

Hayden and I got some great sun!

Mark and Becky came up to the pool with us and brought little Kyra ... who loved the water!

The camp was amazing! A special time of fellowship and quiet away from the "noise" of the world! No phones, no television, no cars honking ... perfectly peaceful, and a weekend that we are forever thankful for!

On Saturday evening we held a baptism service ... and 13 Real Life Church members stepped forward and professed their faith in Jesus Christ ... two whole families ... mom/dad/children were baptized together ... PRAISE THE LORD! It was such a moving service and the Lord has truly blessed our body of believers with such enthusiasm and love!

Softball + David = Injuries
Last night was, of course, Monday night, and like every Monday night, there was a softball game. Hayden and I went to watch daddy play, and my best friend Kelly, who is preparing to move to Lenexa for a teaching job came, too! We were so excited to see her ... but we couldn't get Hayden to sit still long enough for a picture, so I'll have to take one after her move!

The first game was so much fun and David was playing great like usual ... until later in the first game when he hurt his calf again. :( We left the game early and came home to ice it ... we'll keep you posted on how he's doing!

Uncle Pete!
Today after a dentist appointment Hayden and I were playing with his Noah's Ark set (he loves to make the animals talk to one another as I tell him the story over and over again!) and we heard a knock at the door ... it was Uncle Pete! Yeah! Hayden was thrilled to see that he'd returned ... since last week when he left Hayden sobbed for quite some time! We've enjoyed spending the day with him!

Youth meeting tonight ... Women's Bible study tomorrow ... Ministry Teams/Advisory Council meeting Thursday ... and Membership meeting on Friday ... then vacation! Yipee!

Oh ... my principal (my boss!) called this morning to let me know that I will not be a reading teacher this fall ... I will be a HISTORY TEACHER!!!!!! The 6th grade Ancient Civilization class needs a teacher, and so he has pulled some strings to move me there! What a blessing! I'm looking forward to starting and am so thankful for the faithfulness of the Lord!

Can you believe the summer is nearly over!?


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Anonymous said...

Hopefully you guys can get some rest before actually starting the school year. What excitement!! So nice to hear good things happening!! Love to you all!