Friday, July 29

Vacation, Part IV

We also spent some time with Grandma and Big-Papa Kinnan! As usual, our happy little toddlers were happy to say "cheese" for the cameras!

This is such a great picture! Hayden and Big-Papa had some very in-depth conversations! They involved tickling, Hayden talking about his "beep-beeps," and more tickling!

Hayden and Ailee remembered the cookie jar from our time there during Thanksgiving ... they begged Big-Papa and Grandma for cookies and ate to their hearts content! :)

Hayden is never too busy to relax with his Papa Kinnan!

Grandma and Big-Papa Kinnan also had a great surprise ... another pool! Hayden and Ailee continued their swimming ... and Hayden learned how fun it is to drink from the garden hose ... and loved to spray everyone with it

We got to see Cousin Kayla who was home from college ... Hayden and Ailee had SO MUCH fun with her!

We got to see Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Bill, too! This was right before our huge dinner the last night of our trip ... between the Wolf's and Kinnan's, we NEVER lacked for anything ... especially food! :)

When it was time to say goodbye, it was hard! Hayden and Ailee had become quite attached to all of their great-grandparents ... and so did we!

Two precious little toddlers ... cousins ... pals ... and soon-to-be very exhausted travelers!

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Hummel Family said...

Hhi. I just wanted to let you guys know that I am always looking at your blog! Your son is one month older than Caislyn! We went to IWU with Dave! Looks like you had a fun vacation.

God Bless
JoEllen (and Burke) Hummel

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