Thursday, July 14

Fun in the Sun

This morning we met Lilu and her mommy at the park ... we had lots of fun but only stayed for a little bit because it was so hot!

We played in the sand ...

climbed some cool toys ...

took a rest on our way back down ...

and then we decided it was too hot ... and went to Dairy Queen to cool off!

while we were there, Hayden put his recent obsession with "details" to the test ...

and, achieving his goal of perfectly placing the straw ...

he celebrates with a drink!

Migi and Lilu have been such blessings ... I am personally thankful for Migi's joyful spirit and love for the Lord that radiates through her and is evident in every word that she speaks and in every kind and thoughtful thing that she does to brighten someone's day. The Lord has been filling my life with women of faith ... friends that I have been praying for as long as I can remember. Migi is one of those answers to prayer, and I am so thankful for her! Her husband, Chris, is in Iraq right now, and will be home soon for R&R ... please be in prayer for them ... that he has safe travel and that their visit be as special as it could possibly be! She's one of the strongest women ... in heart and mind that I have ever known!

This evening we had our monthly ministry team meeting ... we discussed the upcoming "40 Days of Purpose" that we'll be doing with other local churches. It is going to be so amazing ... and everyone is extremely excited about it!


Katy's Class Reunion Countdown = 2 Days
Kinnan Vacation Countdown = 3 Days

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