Friday, July 29

Vacation, Part I

On a Saturday afternoon in mid-July, we left our dog Abby and our home in the care of our good friend Andrew and headed off ... our first stop was to Grandma and Grandpa Kerby's. Hayden played with Papa and Nana while David and I went to my 5-year class reunion ... stop laughing ... 5 years ago we thought this day was vitally important!

Hayden loves it at Papa and Nana's because he gets to play outside ... and even got fudgscicles!

And there's a sandbox that has one side with sand and one side with water ... he LOVES this ...

When David and I got back it was time for goodbyes (which we don't like - but Hayden is especially upset when we have to go!), and headed for Olathe to get a head start on our long drive!

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