Saturday, September 3

Football Frenzy!

School has started and fall is coming quickly, which means that leaves will be falling, the weather will soon become crisp, and Saturday's will bring about echos of school fight songs and screaming fans ... yes, ladies and gentlemen, college football is back!

Today we went to the Washburn Ichabods game against the Western Washington Vikings. Yes, we live in Manhattan, and yes, K-State had their home opener, but we could not resist an afternoon with family ... especially "Papa" and "Grandma!"

It's actually a funny coincidence, but David and I both attended the Bob Chipman summer basketball camps at Washburn when we were younger ... probably not in the same years, but still a fun coincidence!

The stands were pretty crowded and the 95 degree heat was taking its toll, so Papa and Hayden went to the knoll off to the side to enjoy the air minus the cramped bleachers.

Hayden is our little water boy, and when he wasn't telling Grandma about his new "beep beep" that he got for his birthday, he was drinking good old H2O.

And still drinking ... we must have made five or six trips to the water fountain to refill the water bottle ... but he didn't drink it all ... he shared some of his water with the grass. Our little gardener!

Washburn won the game 31 to 21, but we didn't stay for the victory. We headed out during half-time. Did some shopping at the school supplies store (for me) and then said our goodbyes.

When we got home from the game, we had a surprise waiting for us! Uncle Pete! He is visiting over the holiday weekend and we couldn't be happier! Hayden had one request (requirement) for Uncle Pete ... the usual ... reading his favorite books, ALL of them! This one is a new favorite, with all of Hayden's most treasured characters: a vehicle of some kind, some animals, cool sound effects (depending on who is reading) and lots of words that he knows!

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WalindaKay said...

My cousin's fiance (Curt Massey) is the kicker for Washburn! My family was all at the game too! :)