Monday, December 19

Candles, Colds, and Yummy Soup Bowls!

Life in the Kinnan household has been full of surprises ... and sniffles! Working with 6th graders all day is definitely never dull, and during this winter season it is marked by runny noses and colds. I think I have been sick all year, but this past week the icky feelings of being sick definitely hit me the hardest. I'm getting better quickly and although Hayden caught what I had and then some, he seems to be feeling better as well ... especially after a day today at home with mommy! :) David, being the stud of the universe that he is, hasn't seemed to have caught anything yet ... lucky guy!

Two weeks ago (has it really been that long since we've blogged!?) we celebrated the Christmas season with our Real Life Church family. An evening of delicious food (there are SO MANY amazing cooks), awesome fellowship, and a hilarious "White Elephant" gift exchange, complete with a headless tiger (a stuffed animal, of course) and a "Sweatin' to the Oldies" workout video. David and I didn't fare well enough to get those incredible gifts, but somehow managed to get matching candles without even trying! Great minds in love think alike, right? :)

Last week we were blessed with an incredible opportunity to share an evening with Pastor Eric and Robin and the Advisory Board of Real Life Church. Eric and Robin made a plethra of soups ... with bread bowls! YES! We had a great time of sharing and growing as brothers and sisters as we encouraged one another and enjoyed each others' company.

While we were eating, Hayden was living it up in the new nursery ... he was tired from chasing around the little girls in the nursery with his buddy Tanner!

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