Monday, December 19

Dashing through the Snow!

We've been very forgetful when it comes to bringing our camera out and about with us, especially since Hayden has been acting like a celebrity lately with his "no pictures" exclamations, but we've got to tell you about an outreach event that Real Life Church held at our shopping mall on Friday night! The worship band played worship songs, including numerous Christmas carols for an hour Friday evening ... and dozens of RLC members came to join in the praise and worship and spread the GOOD NEWS of our Savior and His Son with our neighbors! It was such a blessed time and we are so very thankful for the freedom and opportunities He gives to share His light with others!

I would normally say that without a doubt that I watch more news than anyone else I know. I love it ... not the dreary stories of destruction or inflation or unemployment ... but I appreciate being informed on what is going on in the world. My passion for gathering information failed me in a mighty way this weekend, though, when we woke up on Saturday morning to inches upon inches of snow ... and it was still falling! I didn't know it was even supposed to snow! :)

We made the most of it by taking Hayden out for his first official sleigh ride! He insisted that mommy ride with him, so I jumped in and we headed for the elementary school at the end of our block ... it's got some great hills to sled down! Please notice my awesome hat, by the way ... my Grandma Bush made it for me when I was in elementary school and it STILL FITS! If only I had the same good fortune with my jeans! :)

Now I am not one for speeding down a hill of snow that is quickly becoming an icy path of destruction ... but David definitely is! What a STUD!

After testing out the "slopes" he took Hayden for a ride. Despite the looks on their faces, they weren't going 50 miles an hour ... they had actually stopped, and Hayden officially decided that there would be no more downhill sledding for him!

When we returned from our snowy adventure, we relaxed with warm cups of cocoa and enjoyed a family movie. Hayden found his new favorite place to relax and stayed there until bed time! He was very tired after an afternoon of chilly fun!

On Sunday evening David continued a month-long Real Life Church Christmas narrative by playing the part of Kimham, or Kim the Innkeeper. It's an incredible "series" that has included Mary, the mother of Jesus and one of the Wise Men. David told the story of Jesus' birth from the perspective of the Innkeeper, and did such an awesome job of portraying this character who played such a part in the birth of our Savior! It was a touching story with a message that speaks beyond just this Christmas season, the season to celebrate Jesus and his birth ... it's truly about making room (as the Innkeeper did ... literally!) in our hearts and lives for Jesus. It was absolutely amazing!

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