Tuesday, December 6


We don't have the "Aunt Martha" or "Cousin Mike" who annually disrupts the serenity of our family bonding times. Each Thanksgiving truly brings a high level of excitement because we get to hug...laugh...tell stories...love...and just be family.

Every year, the entire Kinnan family gathers for two days of fun. Thursday is always spent with the Kinnans and Friday is always spent with the Wolfs. A marathon of relaxation...does that make sense? That's what I think of when reflecting on our trip. Family rejuvinates our souls...the older I get, the more I crave that rejuvination.

I thought about creating a story line for some pictures, but I just worked for 12 hrs and Katy is sick...and I'm only doing this right now because I had a weak moment earlier in posting that I'd post. So, mainly for family who visit this site...pics are below:

Grandma & Grandpa Kerby:

Grandma & Grandpa Kinnan:

Hayden & Ailee on the Ivories:

Hayden and Ailee's dog, KC:

Do you understand me, Hayden:

Hayden and Kendra:

The annual "Height Check":

I love flowers:

Ailee painting Hayden's toenails:

Remember the "Little People's Table":

Princess Ailee:

Finally home w/ Abby:

That's enough pics for now. Family...if you'd like more, just ask.



Andrew Laughlin said...

I want Ailee to paint my toenails.

Mark O. Wilson said...

Hey, Thanks for posting on my site. I love your family pics. I David, I know your mom and dad -- they've been to Hayward three times I think --to speak for us. Awesome people!

Riggz said...

Thanks DK...got any answers to the previous posts? How in the world can you be set on what you believe then before you know it you have no idea what you believe?


Kim and Joel said...

I loved the pictures! Isn't family so fun. I'm glad y'all had such a great time. Happy Belated Turkey Day and Merry Christmas!