Wednesday, September 3

Our Big Guy!

FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL:: Hayden started his first day at Calvary Christian School today ... he had the best day ever! He woke up very excited ... ate a special first day of school breakfast (waffles and mommy's scrambled eggs with cheese - he and daddy's favorite!), and got to use his new back pack!

WATCH OUT MACK:: After school, Hayden spent time playing his guitar and singing through his new microphone that he and mommy made out in the garage with Daddy's radio. (Notice he attached it to his bike ... his third arm at the moment!

This sounds so funny, but I'm not kidding ... Ellie did not really talk at all today; usually Hayden and I read, sing, or talk to her during her "wake time," but today it was just me ... and she was pretty mum. When she was reunited with her big brother, however, she immediately smiled and began flapping her arms and legs ... and JABBERING away!

READING!:: Then he read his favorite book to his "baby sis" ... it's called "Love Bug," and that's what he calls Ellie, in addition to "baby sis" and "sweetie."

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Kayla said...

I really don't think they could get any cuter!