Saturday, September 13


This has been a great and busy week, and we've been enjoying every moment of the weather! From dinner with good friends and fellow Jayhawks (YES - there are Jayhawkers in Rapid City!) to a very windy soccer game, we've enjoyed all of the excitement and chaos that the fall brings!

Hayden continues to enjoy his school, and is becoming quite excited about soccer, though cars and trucks will probably always be at the top of his list! We've been playing frisbee like maniacs and going on very long walks daily so that he can ride his dirt bike around the neighborhood. He has recently volunteered to be the "trash guy" and loves to empty all of the trash cans in the house and even bring the big one up the driveway after it's emptied ... he says that it's because he's a "big guy" and loves to be a helper ... how sweet!

Ellie will be three months old on Monday, and grows every day ... she spends most of her time smiling, talking, and looking around, though she enjoys nothing more than being with her big brother! There is a marked difference in her when he is nearby! Her eyes are still blue, and hair is sandy blonde with RED! RED!? She really likes to sit up, and be sung to, but mostly, she likes to talk ... that's mommy's girl! :-)

We hope you have a GREAT week!

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Anonymous said...

Red is a nice color of hair. She must take after her Great Aunt.